Last Real American Lyrics

The Last American
Edgar Clinton Dec 09, 2013

Will the last real American turn out the light
Go wherever you will cause
All the roads lead into the night
Once it’s gone, when it’s gone
When freedoms gone.

We threw down a king
And claimed us a land
Patriots would give their lives
They did all they can

Still now the Crown has won
And all the men are gone
And their gone, and their gone
Long gone.

A new fight for freedom may tear this land apart
And when it’s won freedoms never enough, they demand it all
If the rich don’t take it all then the poor surely will
Best to trust nobody, this side of heavens celestial hills

It goes on will we still rings freedoms song?

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

Predators prey on the peoples
And somehow the peoples believe
They are something other than prey meat
Fangs gnash in frustration for the ones that got away

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

The tv’s lying to you, every media shill
Hides a sneering face behind bland fake good will
And the games and distractions, poison for us all
Pose as loving sweetness from the governments caring heart

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

Just to stay alive could be the fight of your life
From them that have so little, will be taken all they have
Will the last real American just shoot out the door
There ain’t no turning back
For a hundred years or more

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

You got your cult of personality
As blind you can be
Pills to cure all your ills
Now there’s nothing left to feel

Bread, beer and circuses
All the sex that you can see
A new war to cheer for every week
Call your misery ecstasy

Now we don’t need no prince
And we don’t need no king
Don’t need no queen sucking the blood
From everyone and everything

Got me an idea
Why don’t you leave us alone
Go play your games by yourselves
You authoritarian scum

We’re hanging on
Freedoms not all gone
We hanging on

Repeat first verse

Freedoms ain’t gone
Not while still lives this song
It ain’t gone