Barrio Girl

This song was written in 1998 and revised a bit over the years. Recorded at my home studio. Below are the lyrics and video.

Barrio Girl

Locked deep within his lost desires
His mind mates in the cell of himself
A misshapen seed in horror grows
So twisted as would you suppose
Offspring of demonic solipsistic love would have to be

Yet he loves this child!
For he feels she is his one feeling left
What remains when all else has been claimed by the cause of death
In the failing beat of his heart his love is known only as it dies
He worships her…goddess of his bloodless heart and sightless eyes

Yet crushed spirit cannot die
It only hides as it waits a chance

There’s a barrio girl that dances in his dreams
And in spite of the lifetimes between
The awful weight of her absence
And the pure love that should have been
One day she’ll dance for love for real with him
One day she’ll dance in love for real with him

Barrio Girl, Barrio Girl Barrio Girl